How To Prepare For A Breast Augmentation?

You should decide to undergo a cosmetic surgery for the right reasons. You should get breast implants because that is what you want for yourself and not because you wish to please other people. A few of the good reasons to get one include having small breasts, problems with their asymmetry, sagging breasts, to boost one’s self-respect and confidence. It should be something that you genuinely want to have and because it would make you really happy and comfortable with yourself. Just like any other kind of surgery, you need to do certain things before and after getting a breast augmentation surgery. These would help you guarantee a smooth and comfortable recovery. Your cosmetic surgeon would provide you with a set of instructions that you need to follow to the letter. Some are required to be done on a daily basis while others are expected to be done on a weekly basis. There are things that you are not allowed to do or you should avoid whenever possible.


Some surgeons ask their patients, particularly those who are over 40 years old, to undergo pre-operative tests like a mammogram. This diagnostic test will allow you to have a baseline mammogram record before you undergo the breast augmentation surgery. You may even request to get this test even if your plastic surgeon does not require one. It is an affordable test that could be helpful to you in the future should an unexpected breast-related situation arise.


Your surgeon will also give you a list of instructions that you need to follow before the breast augmentation surgery. You need to adhere to these instructions strictly if you wish to have a smooth recovery. Provided below are some of the most important ones that you should know.

  • Do not take ibuprofen or aspirin for at least 10 days before the surgery because they can affect your healing process.
  • You should also stop taking herbal supplements, vitamin C, and vitamin E at least 30 days before the surgery.
  • Do not wear contact lenses, nail polish, and makeup.
  • Avoid wearing jewelry, which includes body piercings, on the day of your operation.
  • Avoid wearing accessories that contain metal like hairpins or barrettes.
  • You will be advised to wear clothes and shoes that are comfortable. If possible, wear soft pants or shorts that can easily be worn. Your shirts should also have buttons or zippers in front. If possible, they must not have to go over your head, because you will find it difficult to lift your arms above your head after the operation.
  • Avoid eating or drinking any type of food or liquid eight hours before the operation.
  • You are not allowed to drink alcohol 24 hours ahead of the procedure.
  • Surgeons may allow you to take blood pressure and drink your heart medicine with a small sip of water during the morning of the operation.
  • You should also avoid smoking for at least four weeks before the breast augmentation surgery. If you cannot stop completely, albeit temporarily, you should lessen the number of sticks that you consume on a daily basis. Keep in mind that smoking can hinder your healing because it constricts blood vessels.
  • Tell your surgeon if you are diabetic so that he or she could give you specific instructions before and after the operation.